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How to keep flowers fresh


When we get cut flower(s) we wish to keep it fresh for long time. Also when we cut flower by ourself. We can achieve it, when we get the flower the right care.



Below you can find ten useful advice, what we should do:



1) better is to cut, when there is not too warm outside, the best in the morning or in the evening

2) prefer longer stem over shorter ones

3) choose semiextended blooms or buds

4) first leave whole stems in water (flowers get fresh and suck more water. After that arrange flower into vase

5) put flowers into vase indivudually one by one, not whole bouquet in one time

6) flowers need to have a room in a vase. The vase can not be overloaded

7) cut stems sideways every day

8) add into water a little bit cammon salt or hydroponix

9) keep the flowers in cold place over night. Flowers get fresh

10) change water in vase daily



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